Enable Evangelistic Outreach in Iraq

Two Iranian girls and one boy wearing formal clothes and dress for a Christmas ceremony

People attending Christmas celebrations in Iraq are open to receiving Bibles and the gospel. At one meeting last year, an Iranian girl from a refugee family who asked for a children’s Bible later raised her hand for prayer to receive Christ. Workers invite children to Christmas parties in villages and camps, where the children receive gifts and hear the gospel, as do their parents.

Help Send Word of Christ’s Grace in Lebanon

Lebanese boy wearing a quarter-zip sweatshirt smiling

A father of three young children was pleased when they became involved in a native Christian ministry’s youth program, and when he was laid off from one of two jobs he had taken to support his family, a native Christian worker offered to pray for him.

Help Workers Proclaim Good News in Iran

Young Iranian girl wearing a floral head covering and two necklaces

When native Christian workers collected a church offering to bring to a needy family, upon arrival they were surprised to hear the daughter tell them she knew they were coming from Jesus. She told them that two nights prior she had dreamt of being in a beautiful garden where Jesus told her He would send her help.

Help Plant and Grow Churches in Türkiye

Turkish Christians sitting around a table in a small room with their children for a Bible study

Native Christian workers are seeing the Lord do amazing things. After much prayer and outreach, workers began a fellowship of Iranian refugees in one town, and in another city, a new home fellowship has begun as 12 people recently put their faith in Christ. Each week after Sunday worship, workers and church members travel to two cities more than 80 miles away to share the gospel and lead services.

Help Advance the Kingdom in Israel

Two men play the accordion and violin for a Holocaust survivors in Israel

Native Christian workers have continued to faithfully bring word of the kingdom of God to the lost, with more than 600 people hearing the gospel over six months. Among the means of creating opportunities to share Christ were visits to Holocaust survivor groups and a weekly children’s Bible club, resulting in kids’ parents or grandparents attending worship services.

Refugee Mother in Jordan Overcomes Heartbreak

Refugee woman in Jordan sewing backpacks

A Syrian refugee mother in Jordan had no money to treat debilitating illness, much less her children’s schooling, and they asked her why they couldn’t learn to read and write like other kids. Bombings had driven the family of nine from Syria, but not before dust and other pollutants of war had exacerbated her asthma.
“My condition continued to worsen as I suffered severe chest pains and struggled to breathe,” Rojda* said.

Hard Times in Syria Open Hearts to the Gospel

Syrian mother wearing a head covering who is a refugee with her arm around her son

Her face riddled with anxiety, a Muslim woman told members of a Bible study group in Syria that her son had a high fever, and that she could not afford any medical care. She had heard that the Christians prayed, and she asked if they would pray for her son. “You know that we pray to Jesus, right?” the group leader said.

Support Gospel Outreach in Iraq

In evangelism training for Christians who were raised as Muslims, new believers from every province enjoyed fellowship as they learned how to share the Bible with Muslims. Native ministry workers also taught them ways for Christians of Muslim upbringing to meet the dangers of living in Islamic society in a way pleasing to the Lord.

Help Plant Gospel Seeds in Syria

In a country in economic shambles from war, workers providing aid and emotional support have many opportunities to share Christ. A Muslim woman who regularly visited a home fellowship often disturbed services, but then one evening she admitted she was in spiritual bondage and needed prayer.

Equip Gospel Workers in Türkiye

The Lord is stirring people’s hearts to know Christ, with 20 to 30 visitors coming to a native ministry’s church services each Sunday and 10 to 20 people picking up New Testaments daily. A daughter church in another town began growing after members began meeting in a more visible location, and 14 people recently made their new faith public.