Find And Connect With Native Ministries

1 Corinthians 9:14 says “those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.” CAM-assisted missionaries live this verse daily, often depending on the generosity of others for rice and coffee, even clothing for their children.

Help Missionaries Teach God’s Forgiveness in Spain

A young man imprisoned for drug trafficking met a native missionary who befriended him and slowly built a relationship. One day, the young man told the missionary his parents hoped he would die so their shame would end. This presented an opportunity to share the gospel, and the missionary explained he must die to self so he could be reborn in Christ.

Assist With Gospel Outreach in Cambodia

Through a native ministry’s radio program, millions of people have heard the gospel, and approximately 100 to 150 people became believers during a two-month period. “Glory to our almighty God, and our Lord Jesus Christ!” the ministry leader said. Missionaries see their country as ripe for harvest and regularly conduct home visitations, pray for their communities, and answer questions about Christ.

Share The Joy Of Salvation in Paraguay

The death of their son devastated a husband and his wife, and their heartbreak turned their lives into a series of difficult trials. But one day they chose to attend church together, and after telling their story to a native missionary, they began the long journey toward healing.

Equip Missionaries For Spiritual Battle in South Asia

A man afflicted with evil spirits vomited blood and lost consciousness for several days each time the spirits attacked. His family spent a lot of money in an effort to heal him, but it wasn’t until someone suggested they go to the church and pray to Jesus that his life changed.

Encourage The Persecuted To Stand Firm in Africa

A young Muslim woman moved in with her cousin, a believer, and became so intrigued by her faith in Christ that she chose to follow Him too and was baptized. But when her family learned of her decision, they had her arrested so that they could forcibly take her home, where she was insulted and beaten.

Provide Christian Workers With Evangelism Support in Lebanon

A student enrolled in a native ministry’s theology program recently participated in a class entitled “Preparing for Persecution,” a course that aims to prepare students how to respond when they are persecuted for their faith, particularly within the Middle Eastern context.

Help Missionaries Disciple Believers in the Middle East/North Africa

Though a woman and her family were followers of a native religion, they attended a local church, learning about God’s love and receiving care when they requested it. When the woman’s husband became ill and they were unable to pay their electric bill, she cried out to God for help. Shortly thereafter, two church members came to their home, prayed with them, and gave them the needed funds.

Lift Up New Followers Of Christ in Thailand

A construction worker who attended church for years would not commit his life to Christ because of pressure from his family. But during an event organized by a native ministry, the Holy Spirit convicted him, and he and his wife knelt together and accepted Christ as Savior. Since that time, he has become a faithful member of the church and shares the gospel with others.

Assist Those In Search Of Peace in Slovakia

A Ukrainian refugee nearly lost his life when his home flooded due to the purposeful destruction of a dam. He survived by climbing with his neighbor onto the roof of the neighbor’s three-story home, where they were eventually rescued by boats. But when the boats tried to pull onto the riverbanks, soldiers shot at them, and their boats were destroyed.