Support Evangelism and Discipleship in South Asia

South Asian Christians playing outside in a grassy area with an inflatable beach ball

When a native worker went to a Christian’s home, non-Christian neighbors were angry that her feet had touched their area and came over to beat them. The Christians continued to pray, however, and the hostile family left – only to return days later to ask the worker to pray for a grandchild that had died. She prayed, and the child was revived.

Help Spread the Salvation Message in Bangladesh

Christians in Bangladesh sit cross-legged on the floor of a bamboo and tin house going through a rigorous Bible study together

A follower of a traditional religion wondered how his sin could be removed, and then a native Christian worker had the opportunity to share the gospel with him. The man received Christ and has begun telling his relatives about God’s grace. Workers focusing on an unreached people group recently planted a church among them, and members of that congregation are bringing the gospel to their relatives in a neighboring village.

Help Send the Salvation Message in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan children wearing their white and blue uniforms at school crowding around their teacher

A native ministry that provides shelter, food and education to orphans and other poor children is doing much to raise future generations of biblically grounded Christians. A teacher at the ministry’s school recently told children about the importance of doing what is right, explaining that Christ would help as she shared the gospel with them.

Help Power Gospel Advance in South Asia

South Asian man and children using dried grasses to make a wall for their shelter

The leader of a native ministry recently had the opportunity to preach in two new villages, resulting in two families putting their faith in Christ and joining churches. He and other workers have focused on two people groups in the grip of witchcraft and alcohol. In one village, workers prayed for a man known for his malice, sexual immorality, drinking and stealing, and he said he felt the power of God piercing through him as he remembered every sin he had ever committed.

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in Pakistan

Pakistani Christian worker gives food to man so that he and his two children can eat

A farmer woke one morning unable to get out of bed or speak. A native Christian worker visited his home and shared how Christ is able to heal. Weeping, the man called on the Lord in his heart. “The Word of God touched me, and I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior,” he said, adding that he was later healed after further prayer.

Help Bring Gospel Reconciliation in Nepal

Nepalese Christians meeting outside wearing warm clothes sitting in blue lawn chairs for a Bible study

Witchdoctors unable to cure a sick woman accused her neighbor of putting a curse on her. The neighbor was then ostracized, and her health deteriorated as she worried that she could be publicly beaten over the false accusation. After medical treatment failed, her family brought her to a native Christian worker for prayer, and when she attended his worship service, she was astonished to find her sick neighbor present.

Support Church Planters in South Asia

Southeast Asian Christian man with his hand on top of a girls head praying for her while others sit nearby

A 40-year-old man who showed signs of demonic possession since age 10 used to run out of his house in the middle of the night and eat ashes from ritual cremation grounds. He had been to witchdoctors and received all possible medical treatments without success before he heard a native Christian worker preach in his village this year

Give the Lost a Chance for Salvation in South Asia

Traveling nine hours by car, native Christian workers recently reached a town where a local church member had organized a meeting on her rooftop; many of her non-Christian friends and relatives were gathered. “The session was very anointed and blessed,” the ministry leader said. “Many people surrendered their lives for Jesus.” The Lord has been doing amazing things.

Help Send the Gospel to the Unreached in Bangladesh

A native ministry has sent new workers to share the gospel with two major tribes, joining those already working among six ethnic groups. “We have seen that lives among the people groups have been improving since the native missionaries started working in the three hill districts,” the ministry leader said.

Provide Food and Compassionate Aid in Sri Lanka

The number of children arriving hungry at a native Christian ministry’s primary school grew amid economic and social unrest, and workers provided them with lunches of nutritious rice and curry. “The mid-day meal is the most important one in Sri Lanka, and we are glad that we are able to feed these children,” the ministry leader said.