Help Bring Gospel Transformation in Pakistan

Pakistani Christian worker gives food to man so that he and his two children can eat

A farmer woke one morning unable to get out of bed or speak. A native Christian worker visited his home and shared how Christ is able to heal. Weeping, the man called on the Lord in his heart. “The Word of God touched me, and I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior,” he said, adding that he was later healed after further prayer.

Help Spread the Kingdom Message in Pakistan

Villagers labor long hours as indentured servants, working off insurmountable debt making kiln-fired bricks. Their children are trapped in the cycle of poverty but receive hope in Christ through Sunday schools that native Christian workers provide in various villages.

Help Form Biblical Disciples in Pakistan

A native ministry that has seen lives transformed by its Bible correspondence courses also prints booklets on various culturally relevant topics, such as the role of prophets and the meaning of “the Son of God.” Sent by mail, the booklets are designed to clear up misconceptions that seekers and Pakistanis in general have about Christianity.

Help Build the Kingdom with God’s Word in Pakistan

Pakistani pastor preaches from the pulpit to his small congregation

A native ministry’s correspondence courses focus on the theme of salvation through Christ and also include studies of biblical books, such as the Psalms, the Gospel of John and 1 Corinthians, among others. A monthly magazine acts as a follow-up tool for teachings on timely subjects and has been helpful for evangelists, Sunday school teachers and pastors.

Help Power Gospel Proclamation in Pakistan

Pakistani Christian girl standing in front of a brick wall holding illustrated Bible

More than 60 children whose parents lost their jobs due to the pandemic are living in extreme poverty, but native Christian workers are providing them meals twice a week. They are also helping the children catch up on schoolwork that dropped off due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

Provide Education to Poor Children in Pakistan

More than 185 children from poor families who work in brick kilns received education at a school that local Christian workers made available to them. Without education, such children have no way of escaping a future of working off the debts of their parents, who are essentially bonded slaves unable to escape indebtedness.

Provide Bible Study Materials in Pakistan

Pakistani women receive bibles

Many people write to a local ministry about how its Bible correspondence courses have led them to Christ. The ministry sends its Bible courses to Christian youths and adults, as well as to seekers, with non-Christians representing 25 percent of those enrolled.

Help Form New Disciples in Pakistan

Pakistani family in front of their house

Local missionaries held a prayer meeting where they encouraged church members to spread the Word of God, and soon the Lord had not only grown the congregation spiritually but increased it in number. Having shared the gospel at an area home for months, the ministry leader was overjoyed that one family member recently put her faith in Christ.