Gospel Interest Grows in Post-Pandemic Philippines

Native Christian workers in the Philippines are taking a more holistic approach than they did five years ago, making gospel outreach even more effective, a ministry leader said. The coronavirus crisis of the past three years accelerated the new emphasis as workers were compelled to meet more physical needs. “Poverty and sickness are prevalent,” the native ministry leader said. “Addressing these needs together with the gospel is effective.”

Help Plant and Grow Gospel Seeds in Laos

After three years of COVID-19 pausing a native ministry from holding seminars, local Christian workers were overjoyed to resume the meetings with 60 pastors and other leaders to advise and encourage them. At another seminar where 106 attended, 46 had been persecuted, including one who was imprisoned for traveling to unreached people.

Support Evangelism and Discipleship in Indonesia

New Christians learned to share their testimonies and pray in house churches spread across several villages, with local Christian workers using MP3 players to convey Bible passages to those who cannot read. Workers identified a “person of peace” in each village who helped them make contact with other people.

Help Spread the Word of Salvation in the Philippines

Among tribal people attending recent gospel presentations were former communist rebels. Local missionaries also taught witnessing as a lifestyle to church members who then began proclaiming the gospel to many others; one shared Christ with relatives and friends at a graveside vigil during All Souls Day.

Enable Local Workers to Share their Faith in Burma

Meeting only during the day because of gunfire and rockets at night, local Christian workers held a six-day event that 100 people attended daily, strengthening their faith. “There were testimonies by people saying, ‘Only now I’ve come to see the real Christian life,’ or, ‘Only now do I know the victorious spiritual life,’” the ministry leader said.

Evangelists in Laos Brave Persecution

Lao Christians gather in their church building to worship the Lord

Languishing in prison after being arrested for his faith, a native Christian worker in Laos feared he would die of starvation. “Samyoung* said everyone in the prison relieved themselves on the floor, and he saw people die of starvation,” a native ministry leader said. “If no family member came to retrieve the body, they were wrapped in plastic and just thrown away. It was a terrifying experience, but he kept praying and thinking about the ministry’s radio messages of encouragement.”

Bring Eternal Life to the Lost in Cambodia

A native ministry provides accommodation for university students and others where the gospel can be shared. One impoverished young man was neither a Christian nor a student, but after coming to Christ he has moved back to his home village, where he has obtained work and eagerly shares his faith with others.

Help Plant Churches in Indonesia

A native ministry has 151 church planters sharing the gospel throughout the country, and over the course of six months they planted 34 house churches. Including people who heard about Christ through social media, workers shared the message of salvation with 15,800 people.

Send the Salvation Message in Burma

Sometimes relocating from one place to another to escape military and other violence, native Christian workers at one ministry shared the gospel with more than 4,000 people over a period of six months.

Help Workers Share The Gospel in Vietnam

As churches multiply and grow, native Christian workers are key to training pastors with an accredited program of theological education by extension. More than 3,000 students enrolled in the first-level courses, and more than 1,000 began the second level of instruction.