Help Church Plants Disciple Their Flocks in the Philippines

A ministry leader drove more than 100 miles on dirt roads to join in celebration with the congregation of one of the ministry’s church plants, which had organized a baptismal event along the Pacific Ocean for one of its families. Together, the mother, her husband, and their daughter were baptized in the ocean.

Provide Assistance To The Persecuted in Southeast Asia

A member of the Communist party heard the gospel from his aunt and became a believer in Christ. His life was so transformed that his parents, wife, and children all accepted Jesus, in addition to five other families in his village. But as word spread about the man’s decision, local officials became involved, visiting him many times to warn him away from his newfound beliefs.

Help Vulnerable Students Receive An Education in Myanmar

An 11-year-old boy was accepted into a native ministry’s school after the director happened upon him, his younger siblings, his mother, and grandparents following their escape from their village, which had been bombed as part of the ongoing civil war.

Support Discipleschip Of Persecuted Believers in Laos

A village leader known for his dislike of Christians gave five local Christian families an ultimatum: leave or renounce their faith. The families refused either option and instead continued to worship together in a home. But their defiance increased the village leader’s hatred.

Support Refugee Outreach in Thailand

A native ministry sends relief packages of rice and dry food to the border areas at the end of each month to help feed the growing number of refugees who have fled Myanmar’s civil war. Workers are also providing medical assistance and help finding shelter.

Expand Outreach And Discipleship Tools in Cambodia

Almost 7,000 people have received Christ through a native ministry’s radio program, which celebrated its third anniversary last year. The program is broadcast across the country via radio apps and social media, and people of all ages and from all walks of life, including political leaders and indigenous people, have benefitted from the Christian messages.

Support Discipleship Of New Believers in Indonesia

Church planters of one ministry have shared the gospel with 21,335 people during the last six-month period, and of that number, 650 people decided to follow Christ. One new believer, a street busker who had lost all hope for his future, was baptized, and now he is discipled regularly by Christian workers.

Train Leaders For War-Torn Mission Field in Myanmar

Thousands of people have been brutally murdered in Myanmar’s ongoing civil war, and many thousands more have fled their homes. But the Holy Spirit continues to move despite the oppressive fear that hangs over the country.

Bring Eternal Life to the Lost in Cambodia

A native ministry provides accommodation for university students and others where the gospel can be shared. One impoverished young man was neither a Christian nor a student, but after coming to Christ he has moved back to his home village, where he has obtained work and eagerly shares his faith with others. Another young man from the slums was turned away from a Buddhist temple but began living at the dormitory, where he learned about Christ and changed his life course.

Help Plant Churches in Indonesia

A native ministry has 137 church planters sharing the gospel throughout the country, and over the course of six months they planted 34 house churches. Including people who heard about Christ through social media, workers shared the message of salvation with 15,800 people.