Help Plant Fellowships in Laos

Laotian Christian points a sign while speaking through a microphone while another man works on the electronic equipment

Native Christian workers planted 26 churches over a six-month period in two ways: They led people to Christ at seminars that families from different areas attended, with those people going back to their villages to worship in their homes, while other churches began as ministry teams brought the gospel to various districts.

Support Workers Proclaiming Christ in Indonesia

Indonesian men sitting cross-legged on the floor sharing a meal together

Native Christian workers spent much time in prayer before visiting a Hindu “holy man” with the gospel. When he and his wife put their faith in Christ, they were first kicked out of their home, and then the village and Hindu leaders held a ceremony ritually excluding him from their ancestral temple.

Help Build the Kingdom in the Philippines

Filipino Christians spending time together at their church playing instruments and enjoying refreshments

A native Christian worker has started a house church among his relatives, and the ministry that supports him is praying other members of the community will soon join. “Their days now are not only spent in farming and hunting, but they have a special day spent only in worshipping the Lord,” the ministry leader said.

Help Bring Word of Salvation in Cambodia

Cambodian man putting on a radio broadcast of the Bible

A 38-year-old Buddhist monk had everything he needed in his monastery, where he had lived since his teens, but he longed to be a child of God. He had listened to a native Christian worker’s radio broadcasts for about four months when he heard him quote John 1:12 about becoming children of God through receiving Christ.

Help the Unreached Find God in Laos

A 28-year-old woman wondered if she had offended local spirits or failed to sacrifice enough to them, as neither they nor doctors had healed her of an illness. A native Christian worker visiting her village told her that Christ had the power to heal her, and she invited Him into her life. She obtained relief after workers prayed for her, her health much improved over time and she stopped fearing spirits.

Help Enable Gospel Proclamation in the Philippines

Praise God that outreaches to various tribes are building God’s kingdom as native Christian workers share the gospel in Bible studies, Vacation Bible School and personal conversations. New Christians have shown marked growth in discipleship; one village elder whose son was jailed on murder charges said he would have retaliated had he not become a Christian.

Help Spread the Gospel in Indonesia

Workers from a native ministry shared the gospel with 17,201 people over the course of six months and planted 46 house churches as 743 people put their faith in Christ. Among them was a mother of three children in her mid-30s who was contemplating suicide after her husband tried to kill her because she asked him to end an affair with another woman.

Provide Aid to the Needy in Burma

Military conflicts have driven thousands of people from their homes, and native Christian workers are often the only ones in position to help them. Workers recently brought rice, oil and the gospel to 74 families in one area, 65 in another and 60 at a separate location; over the course of six months, they provided 1,476 people with food and the message of Christ’s salvation.

Help Bring Compassionate Aid in the Philippines

Poor children in many areas of the country were grateful to receive regular meals that provided sorely needed nutrition. One native Christian ministry leader said donor giving enabled workers to feed children in a remote area and also tend to their spiritual needs.

Help Send Salvation Message in Indonesia

A female church planter who led an impoverished mother to Christ began working alongside her in the fields so the work would get done earlier, creating time for Bible study and prayer. They prayed for the woman’s husband, who had long suffered mental illness, and he was healed and also received Christ.