Gospel Interest Grows in Post-Pandemic Philippines

Native Christian workers in the Philippines are taking a more holistic approach than they did five years ago, making gospel outreach even more effective, a ministry leader said. The coronavirus crisis of the past three years accelerated the new emphasis as workers were compelled to meet more physical needs. “Poverty and sickness are prevalent,” the native ministry leader said. “Addressing these needs together with the gospel is effective.”

Help Spread the Word of Salvation in the Philippines

Among tribal people attending recent gospel presentations were former communist rebels. Local missionaries also taught witnessing as a lifestyle to church members who then began proclaiming the gospel to many others; one shared Christ with relatives and friends at a graveside vigil during All Souls Day.

Equip Gospel Workers in the Philippines

A high school graduate came to faith at Bible studies of a native ministry, which also provided him work as a cook at its Bible school, critically needed as his father had lost his job when Typhoon Odette hit and tore off the roof of their hut.

Help Workers Proclaim God’s Grace in the Philippines

Men in a tribal area showed no interest in Bible studies, saying they were too busy working and that such meetings were only for women, but a local missionary has involved men from two villages in study of God’s Word. “These men have shown great change in their lives by committing themselves to join the Bible study,” the ministry leader said.

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in the Philippines

People in many areas have heard the gospel of salvation in face-to-face talks with local missionaries, but the pandemic also multiplied outreach when workers used video calls and virtual gatherings to proclaim Christ’s atonement.

Help Draw People to Christ in the Philippines

Many unreached people became interested in Bible studies after workers provided food, helped them obtain livelihoods and educated their children, while others came to the Lord through gospel events, film screenings and social media.

Help Spread the Good News in the Philippines

Three siblings heard the gospel from a local missionary, accepted Christ and then came to Sunday worship with their parents. Workers shared about Christ with their parents after the church service, and they also trusted in Christ and were baptized along with their children.

Rival Tribes Sow Kingdom Seeds in the Philippines

Members of a tribe in the Philippines lived in tense isolation from each other due to decades of conflict that at times flared into war. Then native missionaries arrived suggesting the unthinkable – rival factions working together in community farming. For the tribal villagers, it would be a necessary evil that brought unthinkable good.

New Pandemic Wave Hits Workers in the Philippines

With the second-worst coronavirus outbreak in Asia and hundreds of cases of the highly contagious Delta variant, the Philippines saw the highest daily increase in new infections in two months at the end of July.

Filipino Journeys from Drug Fun to Clean in Christ

When he turned 18 last year, Manong still had his childhood habit of stealing money from his mother for liquor, cigarettes and drugs. He survived his childhood in a rough-and-tumble slum of the Philippines and feared nothing, including the effects of the drugs he was taking. His haughtiness had alienated his friends, and he had cut off contact with what little family he had when he found himself facing a life-threatening injury.