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Since the civil war began in Syria in 2011, the people of the Middle East have suffered unimaginable hardship and loss. Millions of Syrians fled their homes when ISIS invaded their communities. They are now destitute, living in foreign countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and other places where they do not speak the language and cannot find employment. Likewise, millions of Iraqis fled their homes and headed for the northern region of Kurdistan.

Christian Aid Mission assists numerous indigenous ministries inside Syria and Iraq, as well as in the countries to which refugees fled. Away from their homes, where it was risky for them to inquire about the Christian faith, refugees have been talking with native missionaries about the gospel. Many have expressed disillusionment in Islam and interest in Jesus Christ.

Since ISIS was driven out of their self-proclaimed territory, many internally displaced people are returning to their towns and villages. Those who have become Christians are taking the gospel back to their communities, which have been closed to the gospel for centuries.

How You Can Make a Difference

Indigenous ministries that Christian Aid Mission assists are reporting that they have never before seen such openness to the gospel among Muslims, who are questioning Islam after experiencing the brutality of Islamic terrorist groups. God is providing unprecedented opportunities for His servants to share His truth in the Middle East, but they need your help to provide them with Arabic Bibles and other crucial ministry tools.

Ways To Give

Middle Eastern Christian man speaking into a microphone during a radio broadcast

Evangelism & Discipleship

Since an indigenous ministry in Lebanon launched its audio outreach program in May 2017, hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people throughout Syria, Iraq, and Turkey have heard the gospel in their own language via radio and podcast. More than 14,000 people have called the ministry’s call centers to learn more about Jesus. The ministry is looking into setting up additional call centers to meet the demand. GIVE NOW to help evangelistic and discipleship ministries like this one in the Middle East.

Middle Eastern school boys with big smiles while eating lunch outside

Community Engagement

One of several Christian Aid Mission-assisted indigenous ministries in the Middle East caring for traumatized refugee children, a Christian school in Jordan is providing Iraqi refugee children with a haven of healing. Teachers at the school use the Bible as part of their curriculum and teach students English, which will give them a career advantage. Grateful that their children are receiving a quality education, parents are open to the gospel message shared by many of their children after school. GIVE NOW to help community engagement ministries like this one in the Middle East.

Christian missionary gives package of water bottles to Middle Eastern woman holding her baby


Christian Aid Mission assists several indigenous ministries in Turkey that are reaching out to thousands of Syrian refugees in tent camps. Apart from providing for their basic needs, gospel workers are going tent-to-tent to sit with the refugees, listen to their stories and pray for them. They distribute food packages, bottled water, clothing, shoes, and baby formula for infants born to mothers too malnourished to nurse them. During the winter months, they distribute firewood, blankets, and heaters. The ministries are also reaching children through Arabic picture Bibles. GIVE NOW to help compassion ministries like these in the Middle East.

Exclusive Stories from the Mission Field

A young Lebanese woman working in a field

Help Plant Gospel Seed in Lebanon

Native Christian workers went to disciple a woman who recently put her faith in Christ, and her twin daughters said they wanted to attend church services. “They said that they had seen the change that took place in their mother’s life, and that they would like to attend Bible study,” the ministry leader said.

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Christians in Turkiye sitting in wooden pews in their small church building listening to their pastor preach
Middle East

Support Gospel Proclamation in Türkiye

A young man who attended a native ministry’s church told the leader that he was an atheist, but after their conversation he attended weekly youth meetings. In the ensuing weeks the worker answered more of his questions about the Lord, and his heart began to soften; after hearing the leader preach on the need to trust God, the young man spoke with him and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

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Christian dentists provide dental services to two men in Lebanon

Help Provide Compassionate Care in Lebanon

As living conditions continue to deteriorate, impoverished families have even less access to health care, and a native ministry is seeing more patients. Christian workers offer health care to both Lebanese and refugees at a clinic on their church premises, serving 100 to 120 patients weekly, and their facility at a community center offers lab tests, fetal monitoring, physiotherapy for adults and children, a pharmacy and other care.

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A woman wearing a hijab accepts a box of aid from a worker in a refugee camp
Middle East

Help Form New Christians in Syria

Muslims who hear the gospel from native Christian workers count a great cost before deciding to accept Him – their safety, health and ability to make a living are at risk in the face of opposition from family and neighbors. Already facing severe difficulties from an economy ravaged by war, they risk losing the social net that keeps them alive.

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Two Iranian girls and one boy wearing formal clothes and dress for a Christmas ceremony

Enable Evangelistic Outreach in Iraq

People attending Christmas celebrations in Iraq are open to receiving Bibles and the gospel. At one meeting last year, an Iranian girl from a refugee family who asked for a children’s Bible later raised her hand for prayer to receive Christ. Workers invite children to Christmas parties in villages and camps, where the children receive gifts and hear the gospel, as do their parents.

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