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Special message from the president: persecution rising!

So far this year, I’ve visited three major mission fields where indigenous Christians are experiencing unprecedented levels of persecution. They need our help like never before!

My first stop was Ethiopia, where I met with a brother who is the first believer in his village. He was beaten, deprived of his livelihood, and ostracized. An indigenous ministry trained him how to raise bees, which provided him and his family with basic livelihood. He then invited his former persecutors to join him in a co-op.

We’re living in the last days—I know you feel it too—and our brothers and sisters in Christ who are bravely getting the gospel to those last remaining people who have never heard it are facing an all-out assault from the forces of hell. What they are doing is the last thing our Enemy wants! We must rally to help them!

Your gift today will help provide them with shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment, vocational training, and legal assistance.

My second stop was to China, where I visited ministries that are constantly being surveilled. For the sake of the gospel, they are taking enormous risks to their own personal safety. Your support makes it possible for us to help hundreds of persecuted believers there every year, including the family of a pastor who was imprisoned under false charges of embezzlement.

Finally, in India, I visited ministries that have been raided by the police and accused of violating the law. The anti-conversion laws are such that even a single false accusation from one person is enough to arrest a pastor or ministry leader and hold him for weeks in prison. This is now happening to thousands across the country.

Would you help the suffering saints who boldly proclaim our Savior’s name in the darkest places of our world?

Until there is a Witness for Christ in Every Nation,

David Bogosian
President and CEO

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