Training Transforms Pastor and Church in Sudan

Three months after arriving at a seminary in the Middle East, a student already working as an assistant pastor wanted to drop out and return to his troubled congregation in Sudan. “But every time I prayed about it, the Lord would tell me in one way or another to do my best and persevere, so I did,” he said. When he returned to a church that was rife with conflict and low on evangelistic zeal, he was a different man eager to help his congregation become a different fellowship.

Help Transform Lives with the Gospel in Togo

A native ministry was able to share the gospel with 3,450 people over the course of six months. Among them was a 19-year-old man who had left school and gone on drinking binges. “During our soul-saving seminar, by the grace of God he was saved and was baptized,” the ministry leader said. “Since then he is now respecting his parents and has stopped drinking; he has gone back to school and is preaching the Good News to his friends.”

Help Plant Churches in Ivory Coast

Local missionaries from a native ministry helped a villager work on his farm, and when his family invited them to dinner at the end of the day, the workers spoke to them about God. “The whole family gave their lives to the Lord,” the ministry leader said. Many Bible studies arise from workers coming alongside villagers in this way.

Help Form Disciples in Cameroon

Male initiation rites lasting three months disrupted boys’ education until native Christian workers taught villagers how faith in Christ frees them from fear of the powers of witchcraft. “We taught that in Christ they are free from any demon; we advised them to be confident and to send their children to school,” the ministry leader said.

Enable Gospel Outreach in Kenya

The gospel is spreading as people are delivered from the powers of darkness and the Holy Spirit leads them to share their testimonies with others. These testimonies lead to more invitations for native Christian workers to share the Good News.

Help Form Witnesses for Christ in Gambia

The joy and confidence that a high school-aged girl has shown since accepting Christ has made a strong impression on her family, and her older sister also decided to become a Christian and is attending church services with her. The ministry leader who led them to faith is also encouraged by a worker who shares the gospel in radio broadcasts in his native Manjago language.

Help Spread Word of the Kingdom in North Africa

Pastors leading churches in predominantly Muslim areas face the challenges of members losing opportunities for jobs or marriage because of their new faith, as well as lack of worship buildings. Native Christian workers offering leadership and evangelism trainings address these challenges and teach values such as servant leadership and unity.

Demon-Possessed Girl Encounters Christ in North Africa

A single mother in North Africa wanted nothing to do with Christians, but when unclean spirits began haunting her daughter, she was compelled to bring her to a service for healing prayer. Known for being contentious and unruly, Ruba* often neglected her seven children and had left the now-haunted daughter in the care of a relative who practiced witchcraft, the leader of a native ministry said. “Evil spirits inhabited her daughter, and when she noticed, she took her daughter back home after three years,” the leader said. “She was now 14 years old, but she was haunted by evil spirits.”

Help Spread the Word of Life in Uganda

Ugandan father talking to his oldest children while his wife and younger children stand behind him

A woman who left Islam to become a Christian had gone two months without a Bible when the native missionaries who led her to Christ were able to provide her one and helped her to learn to read. “She started practicing reading daily, and she is one of the most committed and devoted disciples in our church,” the ministry leader said.

Support Christian Workers in Nigeria

Native Christian workers sustain their families as the Lord provides even as they face risks of kidnapping and death at the hands of terrorists. Some workers are returning to villages to rebuild homes and schools that were burned down.