Fortify New Believers in Ghana

A native Christian worker who travelled to a northern region to disciple people who had accepted Christ on a previous visit found they were in need of biblical reinforcement. “Almost all who gathered under the trees were not sure of their salvation,” he said. “These 105 people rededicated to Christ.”

Extend Hope to the Lost in Burundi

A Muslim mother of five attended a meeting at a native Christian worker’s home, where she was stunned by how genuinely church members prayed and loved each other. As she began studying the Bible, she concluded that Christ was her Savior and put her trust in Him.

Support Evangelism in Hostile Areas in Cameroon

At a four-day evangelistic event in the northern part of the country, local leaders mobilized those hostile to the gospel to destroy the team’s generator and sound system speakers. “But finally those who made it so they lost power accepted Jesus and confessed all the wicked works they have done to keep the villages poor and afflicted,” the ministry leader said.

Invite People into God’s Family in North Africa

A young woman estranged from her family called out to God, and a friend invited her to a native Christian ministry’s meeting, where she experienced the love of Christ through the other women and leaders. She attended a conference with them and put her faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.

Share the Love of Christ in Chad

A team of four healthcare workers and five evangelists recently visited a town where they treated 192 people free of charge and shared Christ with individuals, families and various groups. They distributed 50 Arabic-language New Testaments, as well as 100 pamphlets and 20 audio Bibles in their native tongue. “Five people, including three women, accepted Jesus as their Savior,” the ministry leader said.

Support Gospel Work amid Danger in Nigeria

In areas where kidnappings and killings are rampant, native Christian workers are discreetly spreading the gospel. Villagers hostile to the gospel recently received food, clothing and other aid that helped soften their hearts. “Muslims accepted us, received our gifts and gave us everything we needed,” the ministry leader said.

Help Provide Aid to the Needy in Africa

People in Africa eating a meal provided by a Christian feeding program

Amid widespread hunger, the parents of children that native Christian workers fed in Zimbabwe came to express their thanks, providing an opportunity to share the gospel. In another outreach, an elderly man who had lost his wife and three children was stunned that he was not asked to pay for the food that workers distributed to him.

Help Workers Spread Biblical Truth in Kenya

A christian missionary in Kenya sharing the Gospel with a woman on a bench on a dusty street

In the face of illness, flooding and rampant false teaching, native Christian workers visited homes and villages to bring biblical truth to poverty-stricken people who found hope in Christ. “Through door-to-door evangelism, we meet people who are oppressed by the devil, and we encourage them to have faith in God through Jesus Christ,” the ministry leader said.

Help Plant Biblical Churches in Chad

Christians in Chad sitting around a wooden table with notepads for a Bible study

Over the course of three months earlier this year, native Christian workers planted several house churches as they led 72 people to Christ. “We call on God first and foremost for the salvation of unreached peoples,” the ministry leader said. “Rescue implies a danger and therefore an urgency that requires a quick and powerful response. So, the whole Body of Christ is urged to pray.”

Help Advance the Gospel in Gambia

Christians in Gambia gathered together in a large church facing toward a projector screen

Native Christian workers visiting a village were disappointed when only a few of the more than 60 people who saw the Jesus Film and heard a gospel message answered the call to receive Christ. As the workers met with villagers to pray for their needs the next day, however, they saw the full effect of the presentation as more than 10 people declared their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.