Catastrophic Floods Hit East Africa

Using her bare hands, a woman dug through the rubble of a home devastated by a flash flood that swept through her Kenyan village in early May. She pointed out her cousin’s red jacket to a reporter. It was streaked with dirt and snagged on a tree branch. A few feet away, a broken bed and mattress lay amidst a heap of debris. She was certain that her cousin lay somewhere beneath it.

Encourage The Persecuted To Stand Firm in Africa

A young Muslim woman moved in with her cousin, a believer, and became so intrigued by her faith in Christ that she chose to follow Him too and was baptized. But when her family learned of her decision, they had her arrested so that they could forcibly take her home, where she was insulted and beaten.

Help Missionaries Disciple Believers in the Middle East/North Africa

Though a woman and her family were followers of a native religion, they attended a local church, learning about God’s love and receiving care when they requested it. When the woman’s husband became ill and they were unable to pay their electric bill, she cried out to God for help. Shortly thereafter, two church members came to their home, prayed with them, and gave them the needed funds.

Transform Entire Villages With The Gospel Message in Congo

When missionaries arrived in one village, they shared the gospel house by house, reading Scripture with families who invited them in and answering spiritual questions. One man who claimed to already be a Christian realized he was not following Christ as he should and, after he confessed to his addictions and adultery, he asked the missionaries to leave him a Bible.

Comfort Those Who Are Persecuted in North Africa

A young man who is a believer in Christ zealously shares his faith in his country. But his family is Muslim, and when his mother requested that he help her buy sacrifices for several Islamic holidays, he was uncertain how to respond. When he asked a native ministry leader for help, they prayed together, and he chose to leave his home for one month. When he returned, the situation was better, but his experience with his family is not unusual.

Bring The Lost Out Of Spiritual Darkness in Burkina Faso

A 90-year-old follower of witchcraft buried an ear of corn in a termite mound with the expectation that as the termites ate it, the soul of a young Christian man in his village would be destroyed. But the following week, he was amazed to find the corn was still intact. Several days later, he met a missionary and—to the surprise of all—accepted the invitation to attend a church meeting, where he confessed his plan and decided to follow Christ.

Help Expand God’s Kingdom in Ivory Coast

A tribal priest who practiced witchcraft was a persecutor of Christians and the reason a native ministry was unable to plant a church in his village. But as missionaries led a revival in another town, his pregnant wife became ill and, after the doctor said he could not heal her, she was brought to them for help.

Serve The Poor And Weary in Chad

Workers from a native ministry organized an assistance operation for refugees who fled into Chad from a nearby country to escape violence and destruction. The missionaries provided rice, macaroni, sugar, and soap to 22 orphaned children, 40 widows, 15 nursing mothers, and a missionary couple. In addition, more than 2,000 people who fled hostilities in local villages received rice and oil.

Encourage Believers Amid Their Trials in Nigeria

A man and his wife led five people to the Lord through the use of audio Bibles, but the new believers were no longer welcome in their homes. Though missionaries established churches near their villages, to attend them would also be too dangerous.

Share The Gospel’s Salvation Story in Guinea

The chief of a village in which Christian workers had planted a new church hated its presence and made frequent threats that he would have it removed. But when his wife became seriously ill, the chief asked the church pastor to pray for her. As the pastor and his prayer team prayed over the young woman, she opened her eyes and asked for water.