Help Workers Spread Biblical Truth in Kenya

A christian missionary in Kenya sharing the Gospel with a woman on a bench on a dusty street

In the face of illness, flooding and rampant false teaching, native Christian workers visited homes and villages to bring biblical truth to poverty-stricken people who found hope in Christ. “Through door-to-door evangelism, we meet people who are oppressed by the devil, and we encourage them to have faith in God through Jesus Christ,” the ministry leader said.

Help Workers Plant Churches in Kenya

A Christian Evangelist in Kenya preaches the gospel to a group of Kenyans while standing outside on a stage

A gospel campaign over four days this year brought the message of salvation to 550 homes and individuals and 1,500 people in open-air events at a market center. “Our 400 Swahili Bibles were distributed to the new converts,” the ministry leader said. “We praise Jesus that we were able to plant a church among three sub-tribes on the slope of the Pokot tribe.”

Help the Poor and Hungry in Kenya

Drought devastated the country last year, and native Christian workers helped hungry people to survive, providing thousands of liters of clean water and bags of dry corn, along with corn flour, beans and cooking oil, among other foods. This year many are again hungry as Kenya suffered its sixth straight failed rainy season, and native ministries are again meeting the needs of desperate people with the resources available.

Enable Gospel Outreach in Kenya

Kenyan pastor preaches to a congregation standing outside and clapping their hands

The gospel is spreading as people are delivered from the powers of darkness and the Holy Spirit leads them to share their testimonies with others. These testimonies lead to more invitations for native Christian workers to share the Good News.

Help Send the Salvation Message in Kenya

A local chief who persecuted the church in his area, frequently jailing native workers, attended a funeral. After hearing the pastor preach at the memorial service, he came forward and announced that hearing the gospel had changed him.

Persecutor of Church in Kenya Accepts Christ

A village chief in Kenya who had jailed Christians for years never heeded their message until he attended a funeral – officiated by a native worker he had often arrested. A member of the Teso tribe, the chief had arrested the pastor and other native Christian workers for 10 years for steering people away from tribal religious customs, the leader of the local ministry said. Addressing mourners at the funeral, the pastor spoke not only of the hope of eternity with Christ but the need of salvation from corruption, death and God’s wrath.

Witchdoctors Keep People Sick in Kenya

The spiritual battles fought in outlying areas of Kenya are literally matters of life and death. In many areas, witchdoctors tell sick villagers that medical treatment would be futile against the curses placed on them, the leader of a native ministry said. “During our outreaches, we meet people who are desperate and helpless because of life’s challenges – many are bound by sicknesses and demonic spirits,” the leader said. “Some people opt not to seek medical help because they believe they are bewitched due to the falsehoods they are told. This is causing many people to die.”

Help Provide Gospel Transformation in Kenya

People who have never seen a movie walk miles through the jungle at night to see the Jesus Film in their own language. Local Christian workers providing the film saw conversions at every screening.

Help Bring The Salvation Message in Kenya

Kenyan Christians gather in a circle outside praising God with their hands raised

Meeting many people who are ill and oppressed by unclean spirits, native Christian workers offer to pray for them and see God manifest His power. One worker prayed for a woman who had suffered with an illness for 15 years, and the Lord delivered her.

Help Form Strong Christians in Kenya

Kenyan teenage boy and girl receive Bible teaching from a Christian missionary

Local missionaries were stunned by the transformation they saw in a shy 15-year-old girl after she accepted Christ. As they discipled her, she developed courage in Christ to serve in her slum community and proclaim the Lord’s salvation, including helping to turn a boy away from the drugs he was starting to take and leading him to Christ.