Witchdoctors Keep People Sick in Kenya

The spiritual battles fought in outlying areas of Kenya are literally matters of life and death.

In many areas, witchdoctors tell sick villagers that medical treatment would be futile against the curses placed on them, the leader of a native ministry said.

“During our outreaches, we meet people who are desperate and helpless because of life’s challenges – many are bound by sicknesses and demonic spirits,” the leader said. “Some people opt not to seek medical help because they believe they are bewitched due to the falsehoods they are told. This is causing many people to die.”

With prayer and Scripture, local Christian workers are battling both the lies and the demonic forces.

“We thank God for His manifested power to those we have been able to reach as we pray for them and advise them to seek medical assistance,” the leader said.

One worker prayed for a woman who had suffered the pain of a swollen stomach that left her bedridden for 15 years.

“When this brother prayed for her, our Lord Jesus delivered her,” the leader said. “There is much improvement in her, as she can now stand up and even walk a bit. She gave her life to Christ, and now she is a born-again sister.”

Through home visits, open-air meetings and seminars, native Christian workers recently led 377 people to Christ, planted two churches and began the initial stages of three other fellowships, he said. As people have learned to let Christ be Lord of their lives, communities have seen sexual immorality and crime decrease, he said.

“The young people especially who did not have jobs have now found something to do to at least earn a living by the help of God,” he said.

Among those workers have reached was a woman once well-known as a prostitute.

“She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and she is now a witness of Christ telling others the goodness of God,” the leader said. “Since she was transformed, she is now an ambassador of Christ, and through her testimony more souls have been saved.”

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