Send Aid to Desperate Refugees in Europe

Refugees fleeing dangers in the Middle East and Africa rarely find a warm welcome in Europe, and the love of Christ that native Christian workers offer makes a deep impression. Besides the food, clothing, infant care items and other aid they need to survive, the spiritual and psychological support they receive is a salve for weary souls.

Provide Critical Aid to Refugees in Greece

As economic turmoil causes governmental and other programs to fade, more refugees are seeking ways to survive. “The projects and organizations working with refugees are closing one after the other, leading the people to despair and pushing them to leave the country as quickly as they can,” a native ministry leader said.

Help Build Strong Disciples in Spain

The gospel took root in the hearts of many Spaniards and refugees as native Christian workers shared the message at dinners for married couples, young people or children. Word of Christ’s salvation also spread in street festivals, prison outreaches, sports activities, home groups and on radio and TV broadcasts.

Help Workers’ Seize Gospel Opportunity in Europe

Muslim refugee woman with markings on her face and a head covering sitting in a building in Europe

Most of the refugees that a ministry in Europe serves are Muslims coming from countries in the 10/40 window where it is dangerous to share the gospel. Native Christian workers providing food, clothing, legal orientation and other aid have daily opportunities to share the message of eternal life in Christ with them.

Build Strong Disciples in Greece

Refugees in Greece wearing masks waiting outside of a government building

Native workers sharing the gospel with refugees disciple hundreds of new Christians each year, as new arrivals stream into the country while others move on to new destinations. Faith grows in weekly Bible studies, Zoom calls, WhatsApp messages and meetings with individuals.

Support Gospel Proclamation in Spain

A man and woman each holding both of the others' hands

A man listening to a native ministry’s open-air worship service on a neighborhood street received a Bible from one of the church members, and he recently came to the congregation’s regular gathering saying that Scripture had changed his life. He put his faith in Christ and asked for baptism.

Provide Critical Aid to Refugees in Europe

European Christians sitting outside at a circular table praying during a bible study

A refugee family of five fleeing war in Ukraine was frightened and without hope when they first arrived at a native Christian ministry’s ministry center. Soon they came to trust the workers helping them.

Provide Gospel Tools and Training in Spain

Refugees in Spain playing soccer on a turf field

Native Christian workers have planted a church with its own building in one city and a house church in another. Besides reaching Spaniards through personal evangelism, sports activities, street festivals and prison visits, workers are bringing the gospel to refugees in events for married couples, children, teenagers and young adults, as well as in Bible studies and daily interaction while providing aid.

Help Workers Share Christ in Greece

Women meeting for conversation at a modern apartment

Reaching out to both refugees and nationals, native Christian workers bring the gospel daily through home visits, online means and church services. “We continue the church services where we can see more people get converted and grow in Jesus,” the ministry leader said.

Help Bring Christ’s Love to Refugees in Spain

Muslim refugees playing UNO with Spanish teenagers

A Muslim refugee from sub-Saharan Africa arrived at a local ministry and began attending Bible studies. The son of a mosque leader, he received a Bible but had to read it in secret as he was sharing a room with Muslims from his country.