Help Refugees Find Joy in Spain

An 8-year-old refugee girl who suffered severe trauma, including sexual abuse, was permitted by her Muslim family to attend a native ministry’s children’s program and Sunday school. After several months, her father commented that she was noticeably changed and full of joy that he couldn’t explain. Her mother, too, was in awe, asking what had happened to her daughter.

Share Jesus’s Mercy With Refugees in Greece

A refugee sought help from a native ministry because she needed a place to stay and because she had psychiatric issues and needed medical help. Ministry workers placed her in short-term accommodations and eventually into a refugee camp.

Bring Much-Needed Aid To Refugees in Europe

A refugee fleeing war learned of a native ministry’s refugee center, and when she visited, she received groceries and dental treatment, a medical service provided for free. She also decided to attend worship services at the church, and six months later, she was baptized. “I’m very thankful to God who led me to this church,” she said. “This church gave me help and supported me in a difficult time.”

Support Fellowship Opportunities in Albania

Recognizing the importance of discipleship to both men and women, a native ministry has worked hard to organize groups and events specifically targeting the spiritual needs of local believers. Ministry workers led a men’s study called “Every Man is a Fighter” that helped train Christian men how to serve in different ministries

Give Aid To Refugees in Slovakia

A retired couple fled Ukraine and discovered a refugee ministry when they arrived in Slovakia. The ministry workers offered them groceries and medicine and invited them to their church services. “Besides help we had warm fellowship when we visited them,” the woman said.

Encourage Refugees With The Hope Of Christ in Europe

A refugee family that has lived for eight years in a refugee center learned about Christ through a native ministry and chose to accept Jesus as Savior and be baptized, leaving behind their traditional Muslim religion. Though their life in the refugee center is difficult and their future uncertain, their perspective was transformed when they became believers.

Deliver Compassionate Aid To Refugees in Europe

A young mother fled her home country with her three children to escape an abusive husband, but she was separated from two of her children on the journey. When a refugee ministry in Europe was able to reunite the family and provide for their physical needs as well as help with legal documents, it paved the way for workers to also share the gospel.

Comfort Traumatized Refugees in Spain

A young African refugee who witnessed the murder of his family by jihadists stumbled into a refugee ministry after a harrowing journey across the Strait of Gibraltar in which many people drowned. When he arrived at the refugee ministry, he was psychologically traumatized and angry with God.

Provide Spritual And Humanitarian Care To Refugees in Slovakia

A Ukrainian refugee visited a local ministry to obtain groceries and receive free dental and barber services. The workers were so kind to him that he also began attending church services on Sundays and a small group during the week where he studies the Bible and fellowships with others. “I’m so grateful to ministers and partners for help they provide to refugees today,” he said.

African Refugees Find New Life After Tragedy

January was cold. Too cold to be crammed into a leaking boat filled with dozens of other terrified refugees desperate to escape Africa and reach Europe’s shores. But Amadou and his two young daughters had no other choice. They couldn’t turn back now; they could only squint toward the horizon and hope for land. The water lapped at their ankles, freezing Amadou’s youngest daughter’s feet. It was a terrifying sign of what would happen to them if the boat sunk. Even worse horrors befell his older daughter, but Amadou was helpless to protect either of his children.