Equip Workers for Gospel Outreach in Ecuador

Young Ecuadorian Christians holding their Bibles after a Bible study

Native Christian workers invited local men to the anniversary celebration of their men’s ministry, and several of them accepted Christ. Workers have established 20 home Bible groups of 10 to 15 people each where they explain the gospel and disciple new Christians.

Support the Spread of the Good News in Ecuador

Ecuadorian Christian man leads a Bible study while others sit at wooden tables listening

The Lord penetrated the hearts of criminals as local Christian workers proclaimed the gospel in prison courtyards. “Several converted to the Lord and along with others attend the daily services,” the native ministry leader said.

Help Share the Gospel in Ecuador

Ecuadorian Christians sitting outside in a circle in plastic yard chairs holding their Bibles

A child was suffering from an ear infection when a local missionary visited his home and shared the gospel with his mother, who put her faith in Christ. The worker then prayed for her son, and when his pain and fever instantly faded, his amazed mother ran to tell her husband, who also accepted Christ.

Bring Christ’s Love to Prisoners in Ecuador

Ecuadorian inmates wearing orange stand in lines clapping their hands while listening to music

An inmate continued selling drugs in prison and extorted money from other prisoners until he heard the testimony of a cellmate whom a local missionary had led to Christ. Touched by how his cellmate’s life had been redeemed, he accepted Christ, receives biblical discipleship at the church workers planted inside the prison and shares the gospel with other prisoners and their families.

Shattered Lives in Peru and Ecuador Find Hope

Ecuadorian Christians sitting plastic yard chairs for church and raising their hands

He had lost the woman he had married 11 years before when she finally decided she had to get away from the violence erupting from his addictions to drugs and alcohol. Enrique knew his life was in ruins, but the 35-year-old electrician in Peru felt helpless to repair it.