Equip Gospel Workers in Vietnam

Working among the Ha Nhi, an unreached people group in a remote district, native workers were recently encouraged when 21 of them put their faith in Christ. Among the Khang, another unreached group, 23 accepted Christ, while two members of the San Diu tribe were saved in another province.

Equip Gospel Workers in Vietnam

Vietnamese man sitting on a bench under a pavilion while women from his family sit talking to him

In 22 provinces over six months, native Christian workers sharing the gospel with Vietnamese and ethnic minority groups saw 1,350 people put their faith in Christ. They planted seven new house churches.

Support Spread of the Gospel in Vietnam

A Communist Party member had heard the gospel many times, but he opposed it until another party member shared her faith with him. After receiving Christ and returning to his village, his wife and children saw the change in him and also were saved.

Help Workers Share The Gospel in Vietnam

As churches multiply and grow, native Christian workers are key to training pastors with an accredited program of theological education by extension. More than 3,000 students enrolled in the first-level courses, and more than 1,000 began the second level of instruction.

Support Spread of the Gospel in Vietnam

Two men sit on a path on a hillside in Vietnam

In high mountain villages where most people are illiterate, local missionaries shared the gospel using illustrated Bibles. Six members of one ethnic group put their faith in Christ, and workers have continued teaching them how to follow the Lord.

The Gospel v. Supernatural Evil in Vietnam

Christian missionary extends his hand to Vietnamese woman while others watch

Two Christian women told a visiting leader of a native ministry in Vietnam that when they lay in bed at night, they suffered deep dread as they felt the devil’s power – a sensation of cold going from their feet to their heads, cold sweats and uncontrollable shaking. In a country where some tribal people walk on burning coals to demonstrate the power of supernatural evil, the women were desperate for deliverance from demonic attacks.

Christians in Vietnam Count High Cost for Faith

Christian missionary leads Bible study of young adult Christians who sit in a circle on the ground

Invited to a local missionary’s house for dinner with other Christians in Vietnam, Thuan was surprised when they were somehow warm, fun and friendly without the drinking or opium-smoking common in his village. “He had heard the gospel from the local missionary many times, but he didn’t like hearing it,” the leader of a native ministry said. Thuan could not know that accepting the dinner invitation would set him on a journey to prison.