Christians Defy Orders in Laos

A pastor in Laos recently went to an area heavily influenced by “old school” soldiers in the communist country who strongly detested Christianity, the leader of a native ministry said.

“The pastor took the risk to evangelize in this area and led 20 people to the Lord,” the leader said. “The village authorities were shocked, and the police came to drive the pastor away – with the threat to arrest him, if he returned.”

The pastor told the ministry leader and others at a conference that he was not frightened by the threats.

“He plans to go back again to follow-up with Bibles and MP3 players,” the leader said. “Please pray for this pastor.”

The spread of the gospel on MP3 players in Laos has been so effective that officials and local people have begun to revile villagers who listen to them. A pastor from an area where Christians have long faced threats of arrest, denial of school for their children and loss of agricultural loans and other government benefits said opposition to the digital audio players has surfaced.

Among the comments from villagers or officials opposed to the MP3 players:

“We will start to fine you if we hear any more of those messages.”
“That machine spreads nonsense and things against traditional belief.”
“Do not ever turn on the MP3 players that spread false lies.”
“It is ridiculous to listen to.”

In the face of such opposition, the pastor said he refused to turn off his MP3 player and ignored the threats.

At a recent training seminar, pastors and church elders sharing about the intense opposition they have faced expressed their thankfulness for the MP3 players, which are loaded with 400 Khmu-language messages.

“They expressed how they are an impactful tool for evangelism and spiritual nourishment,” the leader said.

The gospel is spreading also through other means; at a recent medical outreach to nearly 1,600 patients, more than 200 people put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior, he said.

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