Witch Doctors Are No Match Against the Power of Christ

Charna’s* father is a priest in a traditional South Asian religion, but as followers of that religion, Charna noticed that her family seemed oppressed by an invisible darkness. “Almost all in the family were possessed by evil spirits and demonic attacks were very severe in the family,” she said.

Her father disliked Christians and would frequently perform rituals against the Christian families and ministry workers in their village while at the same time performing rituals seeking peace for his family.

His efforts were always in vain. The Christians in the community remained, and Charna’s family seemed to sink into an even deeper spiritual struggle. When someone fell sick, which was often, they sought answers from magicians and spent enormous amounts of money on special offerings and sacrifices.

“We sold our goats, bulls, hens, and cocks, and spent the entire money for rituals,” Charna said.

Still, nothing changed, and their money and resources ran out.

Then, a local Christian family encouraged Charna’s family to meet with a Christian pastor who visited their village. He had attempted to meet with Charna’s family many times in the past but had always been turned away. This time, however, her father invited the pastor to their home to pray for them. The pastor not only prayed for Charna’s family, but he also shared the gospel and encouraged them to believe in Christ as Savior.

Charna was the only one who chose to believe in Jesus that day. Despite her family’s reluctance to give up their traditional religion, Charna’s faith in Jesus proved transformative for them all. Their struggles with demonic powers seemed to end. Her family was healed.

But things soon began to grow difficult for Charna. Her family had a lot of pride in their religion, and they urged her to renounce Christ. Charna refused, even though her brother threatened to kill her. “I refused to leave my Lord who gave His life for me, give me new life in Him,” she said.

When her mother died, her father and brother forced her to leave their home. Now, she lives alone in a small hut on the outskirts of the village and is taken care of by local believers and the pastor and his family. “By God’s grace,” she said, “I continue to grow in the Lord.”

Native Christian workers have seen the transformative power of the gospel among families such as Charna’s, who follow traditional religions and engage witch doctors and magicians for physical and spiritual healing. Once they learn of Christ and choose to put their trust in Him, however, their lives are made new. “The transformed lives of the new believers become powerful witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and attracts many more people into His fold,” one ministry leader said.

Instead of seeking aid from magicians, they ask church elders and native ministry workers to pray for them. “The Lord honors their faith and answers their prayers,” the ministry leader said.

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