Ritual Human Sacrifice Uncovered in Africa

Warning: Graphic content. This issue of missions insider contains content that some readersmay find upsetting. Please use personal discretion. Christian Aid Mission assists indigenous missionaries who are introducing the power of Jesus Christ into the world's most difficult mission fields; the following is an example of one of those missions fields.

Ben Adebayo was earning a good living cultivating human body parts from people he killed for witchdoctors who use them in potions or amulets, which in many parts of Nigeria are believed to make people invincible. “He used this to make so much money, and he became so deeply involved in killing that he destroyed more than seven girls,” a ministry leader said. With the same intent, Adebayo arranged to meet a young woman who, he was unaware, was a missionary with the locally based ministry.

Gospel Workers Push through Hardship

A team of 26 native missionaries prayed that it would not rain during a recent outreach to a village in West Africa, because most of them would be sleeping in the open air. The village in central Togo had little space for visitors to spend the night. They managed to find a small shanty to rent for the women, and the others slept on the ground or on benches. No rain water fell, but later stones did rain down on some of them.