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God’s Power Seen in Possessed Refugee Girl in Lebanon

The Muslim uncle of a 17-year-old girl under demonic influence was visibly irritated when local missionaries showed up at the door of their home in a refugee camp.

The Muslim parents of the girl had requested they come to their home at the camp in Lebanon for Syrian refugees, but her uncle did not approve, especially as it was the Islamic month of Ramadan and the girl had already driven out a Muslim cleric who tried to help her.

“The cleric had been met by the young woman’s screams and her aggressively pushing him away from the home,” said the leader of the local ministry. “As he began to leave, their daughter encouraged his quick movement from the property as she picked up stones and began throwing them his way. He left promptly and did not return nor seek out her parents.”

The family had summoned the cleric as for three days their daughter had left to stand alone at the camp entrance for unknown reasons, then returned home. Her parents said she hollered for no reason at no one in particular and destroyed many small items.

Though irritated by the arrival of the local missionaries, her uncle grudgingly let them in and seated them with the parents. Their daughter soon joined them, and workers shared biblical passages about how Christians handle evil and demon possession.

“It was a powerful opportunity to share about prayer and its power,” the leader said. “Recognizing that this presentation was completely different from their context – Islam, the one that had failed them thus far – they requested prayer to the Christian God. So, with courage and humility, the leaders prayed.”

When workers returned a few days later, the parents told them their daughter was normal and healed – and that they wanted to learn more about Christianity. Workers shared the message of eternal life.

“Everyone listened intently, including the formerly irritated uncle who met us the last time,” the leader said. “There is more to work do with this family, but progress is happening!”

Local missionaries are sharing the love of Christ throughout the country. Please consider a donation to assist them in the task.

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