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Teacher Who Fled Islam Faces Children of ISIS Militants

A young man in Iraq who had left Islam to follow Christ recently began teaching school in an area where children of Islamic State (ISIS) fighters were living.

Kassim Mahdi* had grown up watching ISIS militants destroy buildings and lives in his hometown, the leader of a native ministry said.

“He saw many of his friends and relatives killed, and he did not believe that God sent His messengers in this way,” the leader said.

Believing only Satan would send people to inflict such harm, Mahdi became an outspoken critic of Islam and was targeted as an infidel who must be killed.

“He did not know anything about Christianity, but this accusation of being an infidel aroused his curiosity to know more about Christ,” the leader said. “He fled with his family to a camp for the displaced, where he obtained a Bible, got to know the Lord and surrendered his life to Christ.”

Later obtaining a government position as a teacher, he was assigned to the area where captured ISIS fighters had been relocated. Many of his students were children of the ISIS militants.

“The Lord opened many doors for him to deliver the message of the gospel and the love of Christ during classes to these children who grew up amid violence and the ideology of hate,” the leader said. “Some of the kids accepted Christ and are learning Bible verses in secret.”

Local missionaries see Muslims come to faith in Christ through Bible distributions, social media and a mobile medical clinic. Earlier this year workers with the clinic prayed for a girl who was unable to walk due to a brain injury.

“On our last visit,” the leader said, “she received us at the entrance to the village, walking normally, and was jumping for joy, saying, ‘For many years I have been asking for intercession from false gods and prophets, but when I came to Christ, He alone healed me.’”

Local missionaries are bringing the love of Christ to hurting people throughout Iraq. Please consider a donation today to help them in the task.

*Name changed for security reasons

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