Send Word of Eternal Life in Burundi

Local missionaries recently welcomed to a church service three new people of Muslim upbringing who put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior. Prior to that workers had opportunities to share the gospel with many people, and 152 made decisions to follow Christ and receive an eternal inheritance.

Help Implant Faith in Christ in Ghana

Praise God that workers with a native ministry providing assistance to widows led 39 of them to put their faith in Christ. The gospel is also spreading through a literacy class where 180 adults use the New Testament as a text. “Most will encounter Jesus as they read the Gospel,” the ministry leader said.

Help Expand Christ’s Kingdom in Chad

Native missionaries at one ministry are expanding the kingdom of God, with 40 working among more than 25 unreached people groups. More than 10,000 people heard the gospel last year as workers planted more than 20 churches.

Help Form Strong Disciples in Kenya

A native ministry’s church committed to ministering to five villages, and recently 65 people in one of the communities were saved. Workers bringing the gospel to homes saw people healed through prayer.

Help Announce the Salvation Message in Kenya

Praises that churches on the verge of collapse due to the pandemic have been revived, and home visits have resulted in many people coming to the Lord. In one area terrorized by the sound of screams and of invisible stones hitting homes, local missionaries organized Christians to pray against unclean spirits.

Help Equip Gospel Workers in Ghana

From soccer tournaments where youths hear the gospel to seminars for merchants on how to do business with Christian principles, local missionaries have seen much fruit from multiple opportunities to proclaim Christ. Through their sports ministries, 179 young adults have received the Lord’s salvation.