January 2023

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

January 1

Help Share the Gospel in Ecuador

A child was suffering from an ear infection when a local missionary visited his home and shared the gospel with his mother, who put her faith in Christ. The worker then prayed for her son, and when his pain and fever instantly faded, his amazed mother ran to tell her husband, who also accepted Christ.

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January 2

Provide Aid to Refugees in Jordan

Meeting the urgent needs of Syrian and Iraqi refugees for food, clothing and medical care, local ministry workers specialize in helping children; they recently opened a school in a refugee camp for 20-25 students, as many children are unable to read and are not allowed to go to Jordanian schools.

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January 3

Support Children’s Education in China

Workers at a Christian pre-school serving children of local missionaries and other low-income kids provided emotional support to parents who lost work as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, which in turn enabled their children to excel academically and spiritually. In spite of drops in income due to the pandemic’s effect on church support for workers, teachers continued to serve without complaining.

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January 4

Send Word of Eternal Life in Burundi

Local missionaries recently welcomed to a church service three new people of Muslim upbringing who put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior. Prior to that workers had opportunities to share the gospel with many people, and 152 made decisions to follow Christ and receive an eternal inheritance.

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January 5

Equip Gospel Workers in South Asia

A woman from a family devoted to a local religion was invited to a native ministry’s church, and as she began reading the New Testament, she felt herself changing within. “One day I felt I was a sinner and prayed to Jesus, and I felt a great joy and peace which I never experienced in my life,” she said.

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January 6

Help Harvest Souls in Burma

Military offensives drove members of an ethnic group staunchly opposed to the gospel from their homes even before the February 2021 military coup, providing opportunities for local missionaries to minister to them. After regular visits from workers who provided aid and proclaimed the gospel, recently 10 of the displaced ethnic people put their faith in Christ.

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January 7

Send Critical Aid to Refugees in Spain

Thanks to assistance from Christian Aid Mission donors, local missionaries were able to grow crops from a new hydroponics project that helped to feed children and other poor people. The native ministry has an extensive outreach to refugees from troubled countries in the Middle East and Africa, as well as from Afghanistan.

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Pakistani family in front of their house
January 8

Help Form New Disciples in Pakistan

Local missionaries held a prayer meeting where they encouraged church members to spread the Word of God, and soon the Lord had not only grown the congregation spiritually but increased it in number. Having shared the gospel at an area home for months, the ministry leader was overjoyed that one family member recently put her faith in Christ.

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January 9

Help Persecuted Christians in Africa

Extremist violence in one country drove out residents of eight villages, including local missionaries who lost their food, clothing, motorcycles and materials. “Right now, both the missionaries and their converts are under siege,” the ministry leader said.

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January 10

Equip and Encourage Evangelists in South Asia

Local missionaries are proclaiming salvation in Christ in spite of violence against them and discrimination that deprives Christians of rations and other aid. “Christians, local missionaries and pastors are being persecuted and beaten, but still they stand for God,” a ministry leader said.

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Christians in Turkey pray together in a small group
January 11

Help Send Salvation Message in Turkey

The Lord has stirred many people to learn about Christ, with interest growing so much in three towns that the leader of a native ministry requested prayer for more workers to teach those attending church services. At the leader’s church, a young Muslim couple made a list of questions and met with him and other leaders, who gave them answers and then prayed for them.

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January 12

Equip Gospel Messengers in Argentina

A local missionary crossed a dangerous river in a canoe also carrying his motorcycle, and after riding through jungle thick with foliage and wild animals for 10 hours, he spoke to a small congregation under some trees. “Many people, crying and broken, received Christ in their hearts after the message and evangelistic materials were delivered,” the ministry leader said.

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January 13

Send Materials for Evangelism and Discipleship in China

A seminary graduate offered a native ministry’s Bible study materials to area church leaders, and they accepted them as a key tool to help make disciples. Pastors, small group leaders and other church leaders use the materials to instill precepts of Christ-centered living.

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January 14

Help Train Ministry Workers in Lebanon

Students who graduated from a local ministry’s seminary are not so much beginning service as they are continuing in ministries they have already practiced. “They have been faithfully serving the Lord in each of their unique contexts and putting theology into practice all throughout their training period,” the ministry leader said.

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January 15

Help Form and Strengthen New Christians in Zimbabwe

When an elderly villager lost his adult daughter and son to COVID-19, a witchdoctor told him his wife and in-laws were to blame, causing the senior great conflict with them. Local missionaries traveled to pray and minister to him, and they led him to faith in Christ; he was heartened to learn how the workers had entrusted themselves to the Lord when they lost a loved one to cancer.

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January 16

Help Power Gospel Proclamation in South Asia

Local missionaries started a house church and trained a family to take the gospel to others in the area. The family visited homes and helped those who were sick, hopeless, bereaved or unemployed, and three other families began attending Sunday services.

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January 17

Send Word of Eternal Life in Greece

Refugees receiving aid often ask to know more about Jesus, and workers have ample opportunities to lead them to Christ in Bible studies, home visits and talks via Zoom. “We also have a number of people who converted through our ministry and have moved to other European countries – we are in close contact with them through WhatsApp and Zoom to disciple and strengthen them,” the ministry leader said.

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January 18

Help Bring People to Salvation in Laos

Within four days of local missionaries broadcasting the gospel on Facebook live, between 4,000 and 5,000 people responded to the messages. One listener who was equipped to plant three house churches met with local missionaries for spiritual support and supplies, including Bibles, hymnbooks and radios for listening to the ministry’s gospel broadcasts.

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January 19

Help Plant Gospel Seeds in Kyrgyzstan

In the central Asian country that is 0.30 percent evangelical Christian, children have experienced the love of Christ. Local missionaries started working in a new village where kids received gift boxes and heard the gospel for the first time – as did their parents.

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January 20

Help Drive Evangelistic Outreach in South Asia

After months of outreach limited by pandemic restrictions, local missionaries were able to go to two villages for follow-up Bible study with new Christians. “The idea is not that we will never face opposition; it’s simply that our opposition is doomed to failure,” the ministry leader said.

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January 21

Provide Gospel Tools and Training in Mexico

New Christians regularly met for Bible studies where they were encouraged to ask local missionaries questions, and in this way they deepened their understanding and faith. Workers distributed more than 6,000 Bibles and 500-plus audio Bible devices.

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January 22

Spread and Grow Gospel Seed in China

Native missionaries visiting the sick took the opportunity to proclaim the gospel to four families, resulting in two people accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. In another outreach, seven people received Christ’s salvation, and five others showed interest in learning more.

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January 24

Send Sorely Needed Bibles in Africa

Bibles are not always available in many areas. Pastors and other church leaders were happy to receive and distribute 70 Bibles in their native tongue that a local ministry provided thanks to assistance from Christian Aid Mission donors.

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January 25

Help Plant Word of Eternal Life in North Africa

People who have little chance of ever hearing the gospel learned about Christ when local missionaries spent two weeks in each of five villages. Villagers expressed their thanks for the Jesus Film and other gospel gatherings, balloons for kids and income-generating projects that local missionaries offered, and three people put their faith in Christ.

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January 26

Provide Gospel Tools in Iran

Local missionaries are praying that people will be curious about Christianity and read the 30,000 New Testaments they recently distributed in 250 new towns and villages. One worker went into three states, baptized new believers and trained Christians to lead churches.

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Sri Lankan Christians led in prayer by Christian missionary in classroom
January 27

Help Expand God’s Kingdom in Sri Lanka

The gospel is spreading as native ministry workers distribute Bibles and gospel tracts and visit hospital patients and homes. A worker visited one home where the children were going hungry because their father had spent the meager household income in failed efforts to cure his wife’s illness and demonic bondage.

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January 28

Help Form Strong Christians in Kenya

Local missionaries were stunned by the transformation they saw in a shy 15-year-old girl after she accepted Christ. As they discipled her, she developed courage in Christ to serve in her slum community and proclaim the Lord’s salvation, including helping to turn a boy away from the drugs he was starting to take and leading him to Christ.

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Two men sit on a path on a hillside in Vietnam
January 29

Support Spread of the Gospel in Vietnam

In high mountain villages where most people are illiterate, local missionaries shared the gospel using illustrated Bibles. Six members of one ethnic group put their faith in Christ, and workers have continued teaching them how to follow the Lord.

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Bangladeshi Christian receives funds from Christian missionary in his home
January 30

Open Way for Kingdom Growth in Bangladesh

Native ministry leaders were pleased that pastors and other church leaders benefited so much from leadership training sessions that emphasized practical application of what they had learned. Ministry leaders also visited various villages offering seminars to build up believers, including the elderly, parents and youth.

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January 31

Help Find and Vet Native Missionaries

Your support makes the difference between eternal life and spiritual death for thousands of souls. You fulfill the dreams of native missionaries to carry out their God-given callings, equipping and encouraging them whether they’re battling dark forces or rejoicing in the blessings of serving the Lord.

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